Opening a NinjaTrader Trading Account in Canada

It’s very simple to remove any demo account listed in the Control panel window. In the configured section check if ‘My Ninjatrader Continuum’ is listed. If not – in the Available section scroll down and select ‘Ninjatrader Continuum’ and add to configured list. Note by default NinjaTrader creates a demo / Simulation account called Sim101. If you want to create a new demo account follow the instructions below.

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However, the approval of the account is rather slow. You can open an account at NinjaTrader if you live in Germany. See the best alternative available in your country.

We selected NinjaTrader as Best broker for futures for 2022, based on an in-depth analysis of 100+ online brokers that included testing their live accounts. NinjaTrader is a great piece of trading platform software. One of my favorite features of the platform is the simulation account. In this post I’ll explain everything you need to know about how to create a NinjaTrader demo account.

Account types

Edit the property fields for your preferred preferences. If you want to create a NinjaTrader demo account the first thing you need to make sure.

While there are no deposit fees or fees for incoming checks or wires, the only available payment options are via bank wire transfer and checks. Furthermore, the withdrawal fee for a domestic wire transfer is $30, while the fee for international wire transfers is $40. In terms of the account opening process, this follows standard protocols including KYC policies and providing proof of ID and address, as well as other personal information and contact details. After you have accepted the terms and conditions the verification process can take up to 5 working days. You can also set up alerts and notifications on the desktop platform such as new intraday high alerts and price alerts.

Is NinjaTrader fast?

NinjaTrader's FX Board provides a fast and intuitive tool to monitor and trade your favorite forex markets. Use this dynamic interface to quickly submit and view orders while tracking other currency pairs for market moves and trading opportunities.

Day-traders, who like to trade from the chart will especially like NinjaTrader. The free trial ‘data connection’ that you can access when downloading the NinjaTrader software gives 2 weeks of live market data. You are limited to 2 free trials per email address. Alternatively, when you fund a new account you get indefinite access to your account data feed, allowing free demo trading. Find out how to open a NinjaTrader brokerage account here. This free data connection will give you 2 weeks access to live market data.

Simply put, if your account balance goes below zero, you will be responsible for paying the losses. The minimum capital required to open a futures trading account is USD$400. For popular day trading futures such as the S&P 500 , the day trading margins are $500.

The ability to trade off the chart, customize and create technical indicators, as well as create or import algorithmic trading strategies are a few of the reasons day traders like the platform. In the past, foxcriticals in Canada, it was hard to find brokers that supported the use of NinjaTrader.

However, they have a blog, where they post short articles that cover a variety of topics that traders might be interested in. We also liked that it was really easy to add the editor tools and technical indicators to the chart. The bank withdrawals costs $30, and an international bank transfer costs $/€ 40. NinjaTrader futures fees are low for US stock index futures and very low for other futures products. If you don’t want to create a new demo / sim account and instead want to reset an existing demo / sim account to its original settings. Next to your connected data feed select disconnect.

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The charts are user-friendly and offer tons of technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci Extensions. Furthermore, NinjaTrader clients have access to automated trading tools such as Bloodhound that offers visual feedback on your trading charts conveying trading signals. Additionally, if you have a, City Index, Oanda, or FXCM brokerage account you can connect it to the NinjaTrader platform. With customizable charts and other advanced tools and features, the NinjaTrader desktop platform is perfect for active traders. As far as the user experience for beginnexcriticals is concerned this may be rather daunting and difficult for someone with little experience in online trading. Uncover your opportunity with NinjaTrader’s award-winning trading platform.

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Furthermore, you can open a demo account and practice in a simulated trading environment. Trading futures contracts involves using margin which is a portion of the sum amount (usually 10% of the futures contract price). Trading futures allows traders to gain greater exposure to stocks and other assets without having to own the underlying asset. Therefore, potential profits can multiply if the market moves in the direction of the position they have taken. The fees for withdrawal are high, at $30-40 per withdrawal.

NT is an affiliated company to NinjaTrader Brokerage (“NTB”), which is a NFA registered introducing broker (NFA # ) providing brokerage services to traders of futures and foreign exchange products. This website is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be viewed as a solicitation or recommendation of any product, service or trading strategy. Specific questions related to a brokerage account should be sent to your broker directly. The content and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NT or any of its affiliates. NT is an affiliated company to NinjaTrader Brokerage, which is a NFA registered introducing broker (NFA # ) providing brokerage services to traders of futures and foreign exchange products. Upon setting up your demo account, you will receive information on setting up a real trading account.

How much do you need to trade futures on NinjaTrader?

While opening a margin stock trading account requires at least a $25,000 balance to actively day trade, there are no account minimums to trade futures. High Leverage – Futures trading provides the ability to control high-value contracts with smaller investments for boosted buying power.

If you have just downloaded NinjaTrader using the instructions link above you will have already been sent your new free trial ‘Data connection’ details. Your new Demo account will now appear in the list of accounts within the Control Center window. The duration of the fxcm data feed seems to be limited to 30days now. Futures data can not be brought into NinjaTrader 8. So only stock data you’ll be able to get into NinjaTrader 8. The good news is that the stock data that you bring in will be free.

How do you set up a NinjaTrader Demo?

For help with connecting the trading software to your IB account, see the Integration FAQs on the IB site. Note that NinjaTrader connects through IB’s Trading Workstation. This may cause lags in data when using NinjaTrader with IB, as discussed in the above FAQs. If you trade with IB and want to use NinjaTrader, you’ll still need to buy or lease the NinjaTrader platform. On the NinjaTrader, you can choose Trade Futures or Trade FX, depending on your preferred market. Scroll down and fill out the information for a demo account. A minimum of $400 U.S. dollars is required to open a futures trading account.

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What brokers can I use with NinjaTrader?

You can also connect the following brokerage accounts to NinjaTrader platforms: Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Oanda,, FXCM and City Index. The advantage of connecting these accounts is that you can trade other popular asset classes, like stocks, on NinjaTrader's great platform.

In these markets, you can trade only options on futures. While NinjaTrader 7 is still available, we tested NinjaTrader 8. NinjaTrader 8 incorporates over 500 changes and enhancements, largely collected from client feedback. The desktop trading platform is available in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese. NinjaTrader has also low options on futures fees.

In conclusion, during our research we found eToro to be a better overall option for beginnexcriticals. The interface is user-friendly and all trading is encompassed in either the demo or live trading accounts. NinjaTrader’s Help Guide and webinars are great tools for beginner and advanced traders looking to familiarize themselves with the desktop trading platform. The Help Guide is well designed and you can find exactly what you are looking for via web or PDF downloadable content. The desktop platform facilitates full customizability as well as the option to incorporate thousands of different app add-ons. It is worth bearing in mind that the platform’s functionality varies depending on the type of license. For example, with the Lease License you can access all core functions including charting, market analysis, paper trading, as well as automated trading, automatic stop-loss orders and much more.

Compare selected brokers by their fees, minimum deposit, withdrawal, account opening and other areas. Filter according to broker or product type, including stocks, futures, CFDs or crypto. If you would rather not pay monthly exchange fees your only option is to look at forex or crypto. If you already pay for xcritical courses scam data, and its with one of NinjaTraders supporting brokers or data feed providers, then you can bring that into NinjaTrader 8 without any additional charge. This isn’t a “ninjatrader” fee, this is an exchange fee which is a part of trading futures and stocks for everyone regardless of your trading platform.

She is a financial therapist and is globally-recognized as a leading personal finance and cryptocurrency subject matter expert and educator. We tested NinjaTrader’s platform through an account opened with Phillip Capital. Phillip Capital is the one holding your assets and cash in this case. Phillip Capital publishes financial statements and it’s regulated by a top-tier authority . Just like for the desktop trading platform, we tested the research tools on NinjaTrader 8. You can set alerts and notifications on the desktop trading platform. Advanced alerting system is only available in the paid version.

A list of providers below indicate where you can get free FX quotes. Yedess, I notice that you’ve posted the same question several times across multiple unrelated topics. In the future, please make sure to create your own topic instead of posting on unrelated topics.

NinjaTrader is specialized in providing a trading platform for active traders. In the sections below, you will find the most relevant fees of NinjaTrader for each asset class. For example, in the case of stock investing, the most important fees are commissions. Non-trading fees include charges not directly related to trading, like withdrawal fees or inactivity fees. To open multiple NinjaTrader demo accounts repeat the same process listed in the ‘How do you get a NinjaTrader demo account?

Otherwise just use the default already setup for you. If you already have NinjaTrader installed but don’t have data connection details or they’ve expired. In the following sections I will detail how to set up your NinjaTrader demo account. The trading of virtual currencies and Bitcoin futures carries additional risk. Prior to trading virtual currencies, please view NFA & CFTC advisories providing more information on these potentially significant risks.

NinjaTrader was first launched in 2003 and is registered with the National Futures Association, and as a result is permitted to provide introducing broker services for other brokers. There are three separate licenses you can choose from with NinjaTrader including Free, Lease, and Lifestyle. The NinjaTrader platform is perfect for active and experienced traders who are looking to use advanced charting tools and features.

As an active discretionary trader or system trader, the trading tools you select will have a dramatic impact on your success. Trade Micro futures with NinjaTrader to access the world’s most popular markets for less including Micro E-minis, Micro Crude Oil, Micro Bitcoin & Nano Bitcoin. As there is no fee for the demo account and you can open it within a few minutes, feel free to try NinjaTrader. In case of NinjaTrader, we recommend that you check the background of the broker where your assets and cash are held as NinjaTrader is an introducing broker. NinjaTrader is registered with the National Futures Association , which allows it to provide introducing broker service for companies, such as Phillip Capital or Dorman Trading. These companies are regulated by at least one top-tier financial authority, like the US CFTC or UK FCA. As NinjaTrader’s main focus is on the charting and other technical tools, they don’t offer any fundamental data.